Name of God
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The  Name of God

in Bible Archeology

By Abraham Ivry

I. By what name did Abraham call God?

Genesis 11:31; And Terah took Abram his son and Lot the son of Haran, his grandson, and Sarai his daughter in Law, the wife of Abram his son and the went forth with them from Ur of the Chaldees to go to the land of Canaan, and they came as far as Haran and settled there.

Genesis 11:31, places Abram in the Third Dynasty of Ur, in Kasdim (Ur of the Chaldeans). Hence, the origin of the name of God originates in the Kingdom of Sumer, during the Agricultural Era.

The original bible, Abraham’s bible, was the; “Sumerian Tablets”.

The first time Abraham’s God’s name appears anywhere in the Middle East is on the “Sumerian Kings List” and the “Sumerian Tablets”;

SKL 1:1 “After the kingship descended from the sky, the kingship was in Eridu. In Eridu, “Alulim became king.”

The first earthly king on the “Sumerian Kings List”, was; “Alulim of Eridu”, the first king of the Kingdom of Sumer.

SKL 1:1, This is the first time Abraham’s God’s name is ever used.

a) In the Sumerian Tablets “Alulim of Eridu,” is Adam of the Hebrew Bible.

In “Comparative Mythologies” of the world, most paleo kingdoms practiced “Ancestor Worship”, hence their kings were their gods.

Likewise; with the Sumerian Kings List, their kings were their gods, originating from  the “Ancestor Worship” of  Alulim (Hebrew; Adam);

Alulim (Adam) = God

Abraham called Adam God; AaLu-LiM

The original Sumerian Paleo Pictograph meaning of; “AaLu-LiM” (Adam);

“AaLu” is pictograph as Ruler Leads

“AaLu-Lim” is pictograph as; “Ruler (of) Leaders”.

* “Leaders” are the tribal leaders, sons of Alulim (Adam).

Judaism, Christianity and Islam, originated from the ancestral worship of “Alulim” (Hebrew; Adam).

b) The Paleo Sumerians originally worshiped the Sun.

“The Gods” of creation were originally; “Sun, Wind and Water”.

The original account of Creation; Alulim and Ishtar (Adam and Eve) were “prehistory”/ oral. That the Sumerian Tablets were not written until hundreds*, if not thousands** of years after Adam and Eve died.

* Torah dating

** Sumerian Kings List dating

By  the time the Sumerian Tablets were written, the oral accounts of Adam and Eve had already become myths.

The gods of creation were originally; Sun, Wind and Water, in time became; Sky (Astrologically), Wind and Water.

That, Anu (Sun/ Sky), Enlil (wind and storms) and Enki (rain/ water), became Mythological Gods; “The Creators”.

c. Genesis 11:31, Abraham abandoned the gods of his forefathers, and set up a new kingdom with a new god; “The God of Abraham”, of which only spoke to Abraham and his descendants.

ll. Bible Code of God’s name as “YHVH ALHYM” (Elohim);

From the time Abraham leaves Ur, until Moses writes the Torah, was 500 years of “oral traditions”, from which Moses transliterates* God’s name and documents Israel’s oral history into the “Phoenician script” creating; Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy, (until 2487 AM*/ 1437 BCE Moses dies).

* transliterates, translates meanings rather than sounds.

** all dates are based on archaeological dating  

Phoenician script = Early Hebrew

The original meaning of ALHYM “Elohim”, in the Phoenician/ Early Hebrew;

Reading right to left;

A, Alef, symbolizes; Ox*; Sumerian Astrology (as Taurus).

L, Lamid, symbolizes; Staff; “Leads”.

H, Heh, symbolizes; Man.

Y, Yod, symbolizes; “Sky** (stars/ constellations)”.

M, Mem, as suffix symbolizes “multitudes”, plural of the Yod, as; stars/ constellations.

“ALH-YM” symbolizes; “Ox* – Staff – Man – Sky – Multitudes.”

“AaLoH-YiM” (Elohim) paraphrases as; “Ruler, Leads, Man, (to) Stars** (Astrological Constellations).

* “Ox” is a Chaldean Astrology sign, as the Greek Zodiac“Taurus”, symbolizing the Spring planting season and First of the New Year.

** “Sky/ Stars”, Phoenician means; “Astrological Constellations”.

Most dictionaries and encyclopedias only gives the “modern meanings”; as with the “yod” meaning “hand”. But the Paleo “yod” clearly symbolizes a human.

Furthermore; the “mem” as a root, symbolizes “water”. But as a suffix symbolizes “multitudes”.

As with the name of Abra- “ham”; “Ab-ra” means “first father”, and the “heh” means “man”. Here as a suffix, the “mem” clearly means; “men” (nations), plural of the “heh”.

Do not over think the names of god or God; that Adam, Abraham and Moses, lived in their “agricultural age”.

a. Comparing “Alulim” to “Elohim”;

Sumerian; “AaLu-Lim” is pictograph as; “Ruler (of) Leaders”.

Phoenician; “AaLoH-YiM”; “Ruler, Leads, Man, (to) Skies*

* “Skies” are Astrological constellations.

Abraham called God, Sumerian; “AaLu-LiM (Adam)”

Moses called God, Phoenician; AaLoH-YiM (Elohim).

Comparative Transcriptions (Linguistics);

AaLu (Ruler)

AaLoH (Ruler)

AaLaH (Ruler)

Allah (Ruler)

Elohim and Allah originated from the Ancestor Worship of Adam.

It’s just that plain and simple.

If you lived in the middle east today; Jews, Christians and Muslims, all use the name of God; “Allah”. And agree that Jews, Christians and Muslim worship the same God; “Allah”.

“Elohim” is the Post 2nd Temple, Western Modern Hebrew pronunciation, which originated in 200 CE.

b. Sumerian Astrology (Zodiac);

In the cloudless, low humidity, of the desert, the stars appear large and bright. It is believed, the Sumerians/ Chaldeans founded the Astrology system.

c. Compound Names;

Abraham (first father of nations) is a compound name;

Ab - ra = first father, is singular

ham = men (nations), is plural


Alulim (Ruler Leads Leaders) is a compound name;

Alu = Ruler Rules, is singular

lim = leaders, is plural


“AaLoH-YiM” (Elohim) is a “compound name”;

“AaLoH” = Ruler leads man”, is singular.

“YiM” Skies (Stars/ Constellations), is plural.

d) Monotheistic Comparative Mythology;

Comparatively, all kingdoms, and all religions of the world, originated from a single “monotheistic ruler”, with a King of kings, whose sons were minor kings of cities or provinces.

Likewise, with the Kingdom of Sumer, and the Sumerian religion; Adam was the monotheistic “Ruler Leads” (King of kings), who reigned over his sons.

Hence, Judaism preserved it’s Sumerians monotheistic kingship/ monotheistic Alulim/ Allah/ God.

e) The gods of Gen 1-6;

“elohim” was the common Phoenician name for a god or gods. The AaLoH- YiM (elohim) as gods, were simply the kings or priests (prophets) who watched the sky, for the seasons, to plant and harvest.

To differentiate elohim (god) from Abraham’s God, is the addition of the title “YHVH” to elohim, creating; “YHVH Elohim”, specifically as the name of The God of Abraham.

Furthermore, when men used “El”, “Yah”, or “ah” in their names, it just simply meant they were skywatchers/ priests who interpreted the movement of the sun, moon and stars.

lll. Bible Code of “YHVH”;

“YHVH” is Abraham’s God “Specific name/ title”, further describing ALHYM (Elohim).

Genesis 2:4, is the first time “YHVH” (PH) is used in the Torah. Hence, Moses called God; “YHVH ALHYM” (PH), specific as The God of Abraham, singular.

a. The Sumerian Paleo Pictograph equivalent of YHVH: “Yah” was; Enlil “Ruler of the Air*”, and “ah” was; Enki (Ruler of the Earth/ Water).

* “Air”, storm, wind, or breath.

b. YHVH (PH), the Phoenician/ Early Hebrew symbolic meaning for “YHVH”;

Reading right to left;

“Y” Yod, symbolizes; “ Sky (sun/ star)”.

“H” Heh, symbolizes; “Man”.

“V” Vah, symbolizes; “Earth.”

“H” Heh, symbolizes; “Man”.

YHVH symbolizes; “Sky, Man, Earth, Man”.

“YHVH” Paraphrases as; “Sky Watcher* (of) Earth Man”.

“Yah”/ Sky Man simply means; Sky Watcher”. “Yah” is simply the “Priest”, who watches the sky.

Here again, do not over think God’s names, which originated from the Sumerian, then Phoenician agricultural age.

Summary of God’s specific name;  

“YHVH”; ““Sky Watcher (of) Earth Man”.

“ALHYM”; (AaLaH-YiM) “Ruler Leads, Man, (to) Skies (Sumerian Astrology).

If God’s name originated from Sumerian Astrology beginnings, why did the Torah forbid the practice of Astrology? I’ll tell you;

c. The history of God’s name as “YHVH ALHYM”;

God’s name was passed orally from Sumerian, to oral Phoenician, to oral Egyptian, then finally “transliterated” into the Phoenician written script.

That, God’s name and Jewish history was orally kept for 500 years, thru 15 generations while exiled in Egypt.

Hence, the Sumerian ancestor worship of Adam had been forgotten in Egypt. And in desperation, Israel’s God had became the Supernatural invisible God from the sky, greater than all the gods of Egypt. In this era everyone was very superstitious.

Sumerian “AaLu-LiM” (Adam), became Phoenician; “YHVH ALHYM (Sky Man of Earth Man).  

It’s just that plain and simple.

c) Forbidden by God to say His names; “ALHYM, YHVH or AHYH,” modern Hebrews substituted; “I am” in place of ALHYM, YHVH or AHYH (which taken from Gen 5 The First Commandment; “I Am’ YHVH ALHYM.”).

I Am” = “YHVH, ALHYM or AHYH (PH)”

Hence, modern Jews “transliterates” God names as the; “I Am”. That “I Am”, is for public usage, to obscure the true verbiage and meaning from non Jews.

d) The Jewish Septuagint LXX (300 BCE), the Greek Transliteration of the Tanakh (OT Bible), uses; “Kyrios Theos” (Lord God) to describe YHVH ALHYM.

But in the post second Temple mischievous era, Jews who had no ties to the Jewish High Priests used; “HaShim (The Name) or Adonai (Lord/ Master)” in place of YHVH.

Most English translators translates YHVH as; “Lord.” And AaLa as “god or God”.

Then in the sixteenth century European Christian scribes incorrectly used; Yehovah, Yehowah, Yahowah or Jehovah.

III. Bible Code of AHYH; “AHYH”;

AHYH is the specific name of God as; “Most High” title/ name”. “AHYH” is first used in Exodus 3:14.

a) The Phoenician/ Early Hebrew symbolic meaning for AHYH (PH);

A Alef, symbolizes; Ox*, Sumerian Astrology (as Taurus)

H Heh, symbolizes; Man

Y Yod,  symbolizes; Sky

H Heh, symbolizes; Man

AHYH symbolizes; Ox, Man, Sky, Man.

Paraphrases; “Ruler (of) Sky Watcher*”.

* “Sky Watcher” is the “Priest” who watched the sky for the seasons, for planting and harvesting.

b) Comparing YHVH to AHYH;

YHVH = Paraphrases as; “Sky Watcher (of) Earth Man”.

AHYH = Paraphrases as; “Ruler (of) Sky Watcher.”

Or simply;

YHVH = Priest of Man

AHYH = King of Priest

IV. Bible Code of “AHYH-Asher-AHYH:

Exodus 3:14; Moses said to God, “When I come to the Israelites and say to them; ‘The God of your fathers has sent me to you’ and they ask me, ‘What is His name? what shall I say to them?” And God said to Moses, “AHYH-Asher-AHYH.” He continued, “Thus shall you say to the Israelites, “AHYH sent me to you.” 15 And God said further to Moses, ‘Thus shall you speak to the Israelites; The Lord, the God of your Fathers, the God of Abraham, Isaac and the God of Jacob, has sent me to you;

This shall be my name forever, This is my remembrance for all eternity.”

“AHYH-Asher-AHYH (PH),” “Asher” means; “Anoints (Blesses).”


b) The meaning of AHYH Asher AHYH is;

“King (of) Priest, anoints (blesses), King (of) Priest”.  

That, God anoints/ blesses Himself, there is no one higher, God is “The Most High”.


c) As with YHVH, rather than to say the title of God “AHYH,” Modern Hebrews substitute; AHYH with “I am”, (taken from Gen 5 The First Commandment; “I Am’ YHVH ALHYM.”)

Hence, modern Jews “transliterates” God names as the; “I Am”, or “I Am that I Am”, for public usage, to obscure the true verbiage and meaning from non Jews.

Ex 3:14 “AHYH Asher AHYH” is transliterated as “I am, that I am.”

We discussed; Paleo Sumerian Pictographic, Early Sumerian Cuneiform, Paleo Phoenician Pictographic, Early Hebrew, now were are going to discuss: “Modern Hebrew Phonetic Comparative” (200 CE/ AD);

V.  The “Modern Hebrew Phonetic Comparative” meaning of YHVH;


the "Y" Yod is; "Living."

And the "H" Heh is "breath."

The literal phonetic comparative meaning of "Y-aH is "Living Breath

(Being or Essence of God)."

The root of "YaH" (Sumerian Enlil) is from "air or wind, the breath, essence or spirit of God, as in Gen 2:7, and 3:22, where the meaning of "Cha-YaH" is;

"Living Man" or "Living Breath."

The Modern Phonetic comparative meaning of "YaH" is; "Living Breath


In the V "Vav" is an conjunction "and." And the "aH" means; "breath (feminine),"

"aH" is in the feminine form of "being, or the breath, essence, or

spirit of God. V-aH is woman or the breath of life that is given from

childbirth. The root of "aH" is from "air or wind as in Gen 2:7, 3:22;

"chayah." As in the Jewish female's name of Havah/ Chavah (Eve) in

which "Ha-Vah means "the breath of life."

* "Vah" as "HaVah" (Eve) Gen 3:20 And the man named his wife HaVah

(Eve) because she was the mother of all living. The root of Yah is Enlil; air

or wind, so Vah (Eve) is taken from the rib of man, from the breath of


The phonetic comparative meaning of "Vah" is; "and Breath (feminine)."

In the phonetic comparative, YHVH means; "Living Breath (m) and Breath (f).

Vl. The works of Abraham Ivry is ongoing and is improving, and is not to be considered as Halakha, binding or law. It was revised in USA, in 2015, and addressed issues for that era.

The is only meant to be a guide; “Don’t rely on others to interpret Torah, do the research for yourself”.

Youtube; “Eridu Ur Uruk Nippur”, “Sumerians” and “Kingdom of Sumer”, as an intro for the Kingdom of Sumer and Sumerian Ziggurat (Pyramids).

Research; “Sumerian Kings List”, “Sumerian Tablets”, “Sumerian Astrology Tablets”, “Babylonian Astronomy”, Babylonian Astrology”, “Religions of Mesopotamia”, Anu, Enki, Enlil, Alulim, and  “Sumerian Pictograph”, and “Sumerian Cuneiform Script”.

By Abraham Ivry

To enter the discussions of God’s name;



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