Yehudah Knesset Gadol
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Yehudah Knesset

Yehudah Knesset Gadol

The Grand Assembly of Judeans


Judeans base our Jewish beliefs as in the days of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, as in the days of The Temple, as practiced by King David, the Zadokim High Priests (Sadducees), Hasmoneans, and Maccabees. Judeans of Malkut Yehudah are preservationists and restorationists of The Law of God (Torah).

We are attempting to achieve the highest standard of morals through the literal, plain and simple interpretation of The Law of God (Torah), as; “it is written.”

The Torah/ Tanakh alone is our Law, Siddur and Haggadah.

Our teaching are similar to King David’s and the Zadokim (Sadducees) the High Priests of The Temple in Jerusalem, whom stood righteous before God from Zadock 970BCE, until Mattathias Ben Theophilus in 66CE, for over 1000 years.

In each Judean tribe, the father is the king and priest of his family tribe. Then the eldest father or grandfather, sits in the place of Moses (as Zaken Mateh/ Softim Judge) for his tribal Synagogue. Each family tribal leader interprets and administers the Torah for his family tribe. Our tribal leaders typically call themselves; Avva, Father, Zaken, Kohen, Priest, Sarey, Hakham, Softim and Sofrim. We discourage the usage of Egyptian titles as; “Pharisee and Rabbi.”


Judeans of the Southern Kingdom:

In the days of King Rehoboam (son of King Solomon), Israel split into the southern kingdom and northern kingdom. Historically, Judeans of the southern kingdom have been; Davidians, Zadokim (Sadducees), Hasmoneans, and Maccabees. Throughout the generations, there has always been a thread of righteousness. Today we prefer to be called Yehudim (Judeans) of Malkut Yehudah.

When Israel split, "Judah"ism also went into two different directions which is still prevalent today. The Judeans of the southern kingdom still follow King David and keeps The Law of God as; “it is written.”

Judeans; Davidians and Zadokim (Sadducees), Hasmoneans, and Maccabees found favor with God (as righteous Abel). We were very, very blessed with wealth, health (long life) and peace. God saw to it that we had the best of everything, the best homes, the best clothing, the finest of foods and wines. God wants to show Israel, and the nations, what is possible for those who obey Him. And you can also find favor with God by honoring Him, by starting to obey The Law of God as Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and you will be blessed overflowing.

But King Saul’s Benjamite Pharisees Rabbis of the northern kingdom followed their oral traditions, known today as the Talmuds, nullifying The Law of God. God wants to show Israel and the nations what happens to those who disobey Him.


Be a Judean;

Torah Judaism as; “it is written” continues to be practiced by Davidians and the Zadokim High Priests and Judeans; the “older” written Law of the Torah takes precedent over any “newer” laws or decrees.

But the “Oral Traditions/ Talmuds” originated from the serpent in the garden of Eden, was practiced by King Saul’s Benjamites Pharisee Rabbis, of which; the “newer” oral traditions, later known as the Talmuds, takes precedent over the “written Torah,” to the point of nullifying the entire Torah.

Who do you want to follow, King David or King Saul?



The Lost Children of Israel and Judah

We are in search of “The lost children of Israel and Judah.” Many Hasmoneans, Maccabees and Judeans sent their children to be educated in the Roman/ Byzantine Empire and assimilated into the Greek culture from 350BCE to 450CE. Then many Judeans were drafted into the Roman military at the age of fifteen, and assimilated into the Roman/ Greek culture (350BCE to 450CE). Most of the lost children of Israel and Judea have Greek names today.

Although we are a Jewish group we allow non Jews, those who want to be righteous as Noah to join our group, as Noahides.


The three essential beliefs that unites Israel:

1) God; Honoring God and His Anointed Kings, and High Priests.

2) Torah; Obeying The Law of God, thereby uniting Israel.

3) Temple; The building of, and the rededication of God’s House in Jerusalem.

Meet us on Facebook at; http://www.facebook.com/malkut.yehudah


You can be a Judean of Malkut Yehudah and associate with families who obey God and live morally. Join our Google group and keep informed of what is going on, just click on the URL below, it costs nothing to join:


Contact Us; malkutyehudah@gmail.com  

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